• A giggle from a smiling face glistens in the suns rays,
    As I look back and remember those days,
    Happiness and love and kindness around,
    A place where my heart is forever found,
    Where whimsical and marvelous things bring a smile to my face,
    And life doesn't seem like such a hard race.

    Though as I continue through this realm of dreams I see the other side,
    This side made of the other road, with memories I'd rather hide.
    The smiles are gone now, only tears are left running,
    My heart it aches now with a constant drumming.
    Alone and abandoned, no place to go,
    As I line my pains up, all in a row.

    Now the decision is left up to me,
    Whether to keep my emotions or let them flee.
    To spare my heart these undue burdens,
    Or to continue to feel and pull back the curtains.
    To tear my heart out and watch it die,
    Or to smile and bear it, as I show the world a lie.