• Friendship of a Platonic Kind

    Baby Grand Piano, playing its tune
    While we ignore the elephant that’s in the room
    Shaded by truths, that mourns and glooms
    Drifting by in the afternoon

    This is my apology, I owe to you
    For the dents and cracks I’ve been meaning to smooth.
    As I take this chance, I’ll say to you,
    Some of the things I’ve been meaning to.

    I’m sorry, the first, as cliché as it is
    I’ve been rude and unforgiving by delaying this.
    This thing, between us, is nothing new
    I think it’s terrible; what I put you through.

    And even though the sky might fall,
    I’ll be here standing through it all.
    Because just like that, my wonderwall
    Proudly shines, and when I call...

    You always answer, slowly at first,
    Aware of the danger, tending the thirst
    Associated with me, my moods so foul
    I hope you think I’m worth your while.

    Away from life, I beg for an end
    You pull me back, with kind words, my friend.
    I punish you cruelly, with a deadly silence
    We fight with our hearts, to find a balance.

    And though this bond we have is strong
    Sometimes we drift, goodbye, so long.
    However, we come back and re-ignite our flames
    Holding our heads high, misplacing the blame.

    Tender moments, we share so often
    Are ruined by me, please beg my pardon
    The wool is lifted, we’re no longer blind
    This is our friendship, of a platonic kind.