• I see the lies,
    as I watch your eyes,
    and all the time dies.
    I lawl at your pain,
    you try so hard and strain,
    but the truth is so plain.

    You're not as sad as you seem,
    in fact, it's all just a dream.
    If you're aware, it's all the same,
    the things that you blame,
    him or her, and this or that,
    the murder or that you're fat.

    When it's true, that only you,
    can't seem to see,
    that you create you're own reality.
    But you focus on crying,
    instead of really trying,
    hoping someone would help,
    so you lay there like a little whelp
    and then cry more when no-one would,
    as if expecting that someone should.

    You need to realize,
    is that your lives,
    are living a lie,
    and will until you try.

    (Appreciate yourself, before trying to get appreciation from others. I guess, is what I'm trying to say.)