• Here you are again,
    Invading back into my life
    With another attempt to make things right.
    But the years have drifted by,
    And my life kept going.
    So now your sincere words fall flat.
    I was once a doll,
    That you threw across the floor,
    Stepped all over,
    And hardly ever cared for.
    Yet by your side is where I stood.
    Never drifting away.
    One day though, I began to see,
    That I was worth more than what you treated me.
    I became alive,
    Once you left my life.
    I hope all the others you had before me,
    during me,
    and after me are worth it.
    And I only wish you the best.
    However, when I said you were dead to me,
    I meant it.
    So here is another wish,
    Stay out of my life,
    Stay out of my sight,
    Stay out of everything,
    Because you will never deserve me.