• On April 23
    At Approximately 4:31
    I will walk to the side of a road
    I will have made up my mind
    I will walk in front of a truck going 42 Miles per hour
    I will get hit and die of my injuries less than an hour later
    The driver will be in complete shock and wonder whether it was his fault
    And what he could have done to save me
    He will live with the guilt of knowing he killed me at 16

    Rewind to the moment I got hit
    I look at my watch
    Just as the minute hand turns a tick past 6
    I walk in front of it
    A brand new blue Toyota Tundra
    Comes smashing into the side of my rib-cage
    The driver slams on the brakes
    My body hits the pavement like a ragdoll
    My head is like a bobble head and scrapes streaks of blood across the ground
    I break 4 ribs and my arm in multiple places
    My hip is shattered and I suffer a major skull fracture
    The ambulance arrives just minutes after
    My family and friends huddle around my body
    I'm in a coma
    One I will never wake up from
    On April 23
    At Approximately 5:03
    The last words I will ever here
    Are that my friends and family...
    They Love Me