• We'd laugh at everything,
    and tell each other anything.
    We'd know who's who,
    and what to do.
    We got each others backs,
    in a never ending war.
    But to see you I know,
    I'll have to walk out that door.
    Through the gates of heaven,
    and the garden of eden,
    I'll see you there smiling,
    along with me giggling.
    We'd laugh and smile,
    like we always did.
    But I know what I'm doings wrong.
    So I ran away and hid.
    I realized after,
    I'm there among the dead.
    Sitting there waiting,
    for my very best friend.
    I'm sitting at your grave,
    with my eyes dry.
    I have no more tears,
    so I can't really cry.
    But please do wait,
    for I'll come too.
    To heaven among the gates,
    along and right beside with you.