• Time stretches out
    The four walls trap me in
    my chair and desk stay in one spot
    and I along side them
    My mind travels to a place
    that has no beginning
    no end
    Has no color
    no sense of top or bottom
    Black creatures come closer coloring the blankness
    they seem to me like a flock of jet black crows
    Numbers fly and swarm around my head,
    they circle me,
    come close and close in on me
    The black inky characters constrict my body
    suffocating me in the dark airless cloud
    I choke and scream
    but no sound passes my terrified lips
    They cut me biting into my soft fragile skin
    drawing blood I can’t see but I feel must be there
    I see dark shapes moving around me making me dizzy
    the black numbers and equations surround me
    they leave little gaps were I can barely see beyond
    in that place
    where there is nothing
    The buzz is deafening
    the pressure almost too much
    Then the world is moving
    not just me and my tormented body
    the whole empty world too
    A wind out of nowhere hits me in my blindness and clears my vision
    They leave me in a line and disappear into the sky
    looking like a swarm of bees flying away
    The horrific buzz is replaced by the sweet chirping sound of birds
    singing in the lofty trees
    I see the awful building and that awful class fading into the distance
    as my legs take me across the lawn
    That room which took me to my place of torture is gone…