• The fear I create in my mind before
    I peer into those eyes, is endless.
    It's hard to describe but in these lines I'll make
    My best try. So here we go.

    A gaze into those eyes where limits don't exist,
    See what I perceive as unhappy in my trying time,
    Breaks me to the point where I tear-up... maybe cry.

    ... In the moment you read this you ask why...

    Because witnessing someone's roots, their soul, the underlining
    Truth, takes a toll on me when all I do is try to
    Produce a spark of joy inside their life,
    Big enough to where it shows the rest of the world because
    It can't be caged.

    So to your amazement you hear the possibility of
    When I'm on the table all alone, I might not let you know.
    Take a second though and you'll find what I think...

    How could I do such a thing?!

    To ask for you to be strong next to me,
    A fading song,
    That only kills the stars and
    Only leaves space in its wake.

    And I know you fear for my soul and
    Where it is to go after my heart beat slows,
    But I must tell the truth.

    I think...

    I already believe...

    As I once used to...

    In an entity that transcends my comprehension and...

    ...It's all due to you...

    A guarantee can't be made but lately that's the
    Feeling I have coming from the fibers in my body and
    They're trying to escape to do something great!

    So is it plain to see why you there would kill me?
    Then again, you're my BEST FRIEND
    And the only one I'd want by my side in the End,
    To add a beat to my song in hopes to extend,
    The joy we shared without worries and cares.
    You've kept me smiling for ages even when you're not there,
    With our conversations and the
    Object permanence so dense.

    Turmoil, now, is it easier to see? I'd
    Hope I'd have the courage to make the call
    If I were to end up in a hospital, but please
    Try to understand if I can't...

    It'd break my heart
    To dim those lights,
    For a reason to not be alone.