• Chill my skin,
    numb my limbs,
    It's only in a lover's touch.
    Asking for real love is that too much?

    Bad situation,
    time's of the esessence, new age.
    secret confessions,they'll fade.

    Grip my wrists,
    clutched hands, fists.
    I'm your girl,so take me out to town.
    Push, pull and hold me down.

    All in the church parking lot,
    claims of love, truly it's not.

    Stockings rip,
    bitten lip,
    Say his name, you stupid b***h.
    hurry up, you'll get your fix.

    can't run,
    wont hide
    "Baby, don't you worry I'm by your side."
    aches of pain for love's growing hate.

    once lust,
    vanish, dust.
    scars from the ******** pavement.
    c**t, was this really your intent.

    All in the church parking lot.
    Karma that b***h, you'll get caught.
    claims of love, truly it's not.

    You said promises.
    removing words with kisses.
    broken, empty, hallow lust.
    freak you're morbid, injust.

    You promised,
    Not in a church parking lot.