• all the stories all the lies,
    leave me lyin let my bed grow cold,
    all the bruises all the shame,
    leave me lyin you're not gettin laid,
    leave me lyin , leave me alone,
    leave me lyin with your heart of stone,
    you take the girl and leave in your wake, something you cannot shake,
    a silent girl who will not wake,
    oh oh oh is this my fate....

    im addicted to your love addicted to your pain addicted to your blood so let it fall like rain
    standin on a streetcorner waitin on a train people don't know you they say you're insane,

    im addicted to the rush addicted to the ride addicted to youre eyes and all the pain they hide
    im addicted to tour tears addicted to your smile addicted to your love and everything worthwhile

    standin on a streetcorner gonna catch a train tho i dont yet know it my life's been in vain....