• I thought you were mad at me and your hugging me?

    What the hell...

    I thought you hated me, but your kissing me?

    What the hell...

    Then you tell me you love me and you miss me... I believe you.

    But then i think: What the hell?..

    I thought you missed me but instead you wont talk to me?

    What the hell...

    I thought you would love me no matter what..

    But your writing hearts on other girl's walls??

    What the hell?!

    I thought you were telling the truth when you said what u said..

    But i guess you used me..

    What the hell?

    Thats not like you to do.

    I never thought id cry over you again..

    But then you do THIS and i cry..

    What the hell.

    I try to drown myself in music..

    That song reminds me of YOU.

    What the hell?

    Everything was perfect,

    Everything was intense,

    But... i keep asking the same damn question.

    What the hell happened?.


    What the hell...