• A well so deep

    Its impossible to

    climb out

    its dark and damp

    no light shines there

    no warmth falls there

    Its colder than winter

    What are you?

    What are you?

    What are you?

    Tell me, tell me everything!

    Tell me your thoughts and feelings!

    Tell me what you think about me!

    Tell me, Tell me, Tell me!

    Who are you?

    Who are you?

    I don’t know, so tell me!

    I just need you to tell me!

    Why won’t you tell me?


    I look at you

    and think how much

    you've changed

    i believe once you were

    truly happy

    but now i watch you cry

    and it tears me to peices

    because i can't help you

    No matter how much i want to

    So please come to me

    when you need to cry

    i'll lend you my shoulder

    so don't do this a lone