• I never asked,
    You never wondered.
    How the hurt me even though it has passed,
    I always have pondered.

    I admitted my emotions,
    and you had said yours too was identical as mine about me.
    How delighted I was,
    to know that you liked me too.

    But I was afraid,
    that you were of the same persona as your friends,
    they dated a girl, and then started to make fun of them, and tease them.

    So we made a date,
    but I stood you up.
    and you never spoke about it.

    I never let out a peep,
    and you never asked, as if it was not something you wished to seek.

    How much it hurt me,
    to believe you thought it was okay.

    But later on we grew apart.
    We started to not talk or chat.
    And then you moved on,
    and you weren't mine and gone.

    I remember the date, of which we admitted our love,
    which was January 24th, 2011.

    How dumb I was to believe such a thing.
    You had told your close friends,
    how positive you were.
    But I however stood heart-broken,
    and confused.
    You never said a peep about it.
    Perhaps you had pitied me, and so you thought you could lie about your emotions?-Did you feel bad?