• Behind every smille,
    what pain is behind it?
    Behind every song written,
    what was the inspiratin for it?
    Behind every person,
    what have they been through?
    Behind every heart,
    what have they felt?

    To me, behind everything,
    there is something behind it all.
    Something that we may never see
    or experience it ourselves.

    Behind every smile,
    there is some kind of pain behind it.
    Behind ever song written,
    something has happened in life.
    Behind every person,
    they're been through so much.
    So much, that it couldn't be put into words.
    Behind every heart,
    there may be so many feelings,
    but they have something unique.

    To find another unique like you,
    take many tries, not just one.
    Behind everyone, there is everything.