• How can you see into my soul
    like that's all that's there
    How can you make me feel like this
    Like there's only me and you
    How can I know when something's wrong
    When you never show it
    How can I feel like this
    Like I've been reborn
    How can you act like I'm not here
    Like I never existed
    How can you change the way you feel
    When love is all you ever know.
    How can I ever be like this
    Falling into your arms with no regrets
    How can I ever trust you again
    When you ripped apart my heart
    How can we be like this
    Always tearing our love to pieces
    How can we tear ourselves down
    When we were built up on each other
    How can you do this to me
    I've got nothing left to give
    How can you take everything I have
    When there's nothing left to take
    How can I be alive right now
    When you took my heart and soul
    How can I continue to love you so
    When you're the reason I'm like this