• I'v had a craveing that can get me sent away
    held in the place were men with white coats play
    giveing those pills that fog the reality in your mind to make everything seem "okay" .
    I just wanna taste it, dont you see?
    slide the smoothe greasy metal barrel in my mouth
    place a finger on the trigger and close my eyes
    knowing the line of my life and my fate is all in that moment
    I can change it all in one simple pull
    As i contemplat my next move
    my eyes are drawn to my lovers name drawn in the middle of my wrist
    for you I shall stay and fight
    Live all i can take till I fully break and your all out of tape
    take the beating of a life time to keep you mine
    With those simple thoughts i slid the gun out of my mouth
    placed it in its wooden tomb
    only to know that we may meet this way again