• He doesn't know how much I rely on him for my sanity,
    He makes me feel so special, and loved, and needed.
    He takes the breath right out of me.
    But them, he rips my heart out and crushes it,
    Makes me so scared to tell him anything about me,
    It makes me afraid and paranoid he'll break up his promises.
    Like he promised to never let me go...
    Promised to never let me go anywhere but into his arms...
    He promised he'd try as hard as he could not to hurt me,
    But if he does try, he doesn't let it show...
    He could be TRYING to hurt me, for all i know...
    I love him so much,
    Sometimes I think that doesn't matter to him when I'm dying lone.
    I need to feel his touch
    I need to know everything.
    But he doesn't want to tell me.
    Even thought he doesn't want to tell me,
    He expects me to want to tell him whats most embarrassing,
    Like he wants to know everything,
    When I tell him, I'll bet he'll wish I didn't.
    He'll be insensitive, and judge me.
    Even if I were to kill myself, so
    sometimes I think he wouldn't care,
    Sometimes I think it's not fair,
    That I can be like this to him,
    But he can he awfully horrible to me,
    To the point where my heart tears,
    It seems as thought I have to reassemble it every wee,
    But I want to be with him, and I blame myself for overreacting sometimes,
    All I want is to forever be able to say he's mine.
    And be overly happy with him,
    Never have our love dim.