• The day you wake up to find that I am gone.
    Will you miss me?
    The day I walk out that door.
    Will you even bother to say goodbye?

    When you saw the letter I wrote for you,
    that I left beside your chair,
    did you cry
    or did you throw it away?

    The day that paper comes out,
    telling you that I'm not coming back,
    Will it open your eyes?
    or will you still be the same?

    After I'm gone are you going to treat her the way you did me
    or will it be your happy ending?

    All those times you blamed me for your troubles
    Did you mean it?
    Those days when you said I wasnt gonna make it in life
    Is that what you truely believed?

    That morning you yelled at me
    and told me im no good
    was that how you really feel
    or was it a disguise to hide your pain?

    When you were drunk the other day
    and said you needed to talk,
    you asked me if I thought you were a good father.
    Was that the alcohol or true feelings?

    All those times we fought
    and you told me that you hated me
    that you wish I didnt exist
    did you mean it?

    The day I walk out the door
    is the day I leave
    will you change?
    or will you always be the same?

    When I say goodbye
    will you say it back?
    If I say I'll miss you
    will you say "Ill miss you too"?

    When I load the gun
    When I pack my bags
    Will you try to stop me?
    or will you let me go?

    One more question
    answer me please
    will I mean anything
    the day I leave?