• What do you fear the most?
    Is it about the heights?
    The insects that sting real hard?
    Death that lurks around?
    or something from within,
    that you can't put your finger in?

    What scares you the most
    is not what you think
    or what you believe in
    but what you are scared of
    is that you'll never get a grip
    not even for a moment.

    When it takes over you
    you have no feel of yourself
    the animal within
    panics blindly
    all you can do is watch
    nothing els you can do

    Fight it before it takes you
    grab the animal within
    hold it by the head
    say your prayers
    because the fight
    is one hell of a fist fight

    I cannot guarantee
    that you will achieve
    or fear will no longer
    be of any effect
    all I am saying is
    fight to live, fear nothing