• The angel on my shoulder
    Is losing credibility
    I'm lost in a spiral of unhappiness
    My heart turned grey as stone

    The sky and the ground switch places
    My world is upside down
    The angel on my shoulder,
    My only light, can only frown

    Time moves sideways, past my eyes
    On into the darkness behind me
    Trying to catch up
    Close on my heels

    I can't move any faster
    Each step forward is a hundred steps back
    Good turns into evil
    For that is what it always was

    The angel on my shoulder
    Tells me to accept it
    The pain, the lonely sacrifice.
    I can't accept it.

    Where's the exit
    I want out
    Back in time
    Sideways into nothing

    The angel on my shoulder
    Can never understand
    The good and soundless misery
    That follow hand in hand

    No way out that I can see
    Loved ones holding me to this path
    Of doom that I have set upon
    To face the angel's wrath.