• Is anybody out there?
    Not a word, nor a cry.
    Not a laugh, nor a sigh.
    Is anybody out there?

    I'm knocking at this door
    Trying hard to reach you
    But no matter how hard
    I try you won't answer.

    Is it because I'm weak
    Or that I gave up soon
    Does it matter right now?
    Because I need you now.

    I try to call for help
    And do my best to laugh
    To pretend nothing's wrong,
    But it's too much, I lose.

    What will it take for me
    To gain back all we had?
    As I sat there knocking
    It finally came to me.

    You were always right there
    When I needed you most.
    As problems buried me
    You came to the rescue.

    But when I felt alone
    And felt that you were gone.
    Our trust had fell apart
    And all left was tough love.

    I understand now that
    Knocking at this door is
    Your way of getting back
    At all those harsh moments.

    It was my fault for this,
    I locked myself in here.
    Now I know how you felt
    Of your feelings back then.

    I deserve everything
    How you are treating me,
    But when the door opens
    Just tell me things are fine.