• It all started this morning,
    When I was craving something sweet,
    Hey how about some candy,
    Wouldn't that be just the treat?

    And that morning...
    Tasting light in my mouth
    Tummy turning chocolate feeling heavy in my belly
    Hit me
    A BOMB

    And now you see... I'm addicted
    I can't keep your taste off of my mind
    I just crave for more
    Of my astonishing find

    I have it every hour,
    Every second of the day,
    I can't even share this sacred feeling
    To have some you have to pay

    So pay up, pay up, And HURRY!
    Before I eat it all...
    Oh...whoops I'm sorry... there it GOES!
    Hypnotizing delight and all

    That night,
    I dreamed of chocolate rivers,
    Chocolate fountains,
    Chocolate Buildings
    Chocolate mountains,
    Chocolate cities

    Chocolate, Chocolate
    Where art thou???
    I miss you...
    I need you...

    You’re gone
    And I crave you night and day,
    Please, PLEASE come back...

    I promise I'll pay.