• Nothing comes and nothing goes
    Ever since he died
    No one tries and no one knows
    Just how hard we tried

    It started with a cough or two
    In our younger years
    He in his sickly crew
    I in my perfect gears

    Once he was bound to his bed
    We knew something was wrong
    Either sick or close to dead
    Hear the now grim song

    [Hear the darkest singing of the reaper
    Hear his footsteps echo through
    Feel the chill creeping in
    Hear his chorus set the suns]

    His skin grew pale and our eyes rained
    Something wasn't right
    I was sad and mother was pained
    Dark was taking the light

    One month passed and his eyes fell
    And his chest stopped
    Mother screamed like she's in Hell
    Where my ears then popped

    He was taken to who knows where
    Mother said to see God's Throne
    When I asked when he'd come back
    "Angels don't come home"