• in her eyes, i am an angel;
    in the mirrior i see a demon.
    a Nobody cannot love;
    for they they have no heart.
    then what is this feeling;
    this feeling for her.
    while life and death are opposites;
    loveand hate arethe same'
    for hate is love in its purist form,and vice versa.
    you can say that i am the biggest Nobody alive;
    for i,behind the mask of light, have accepted the rage and darkness where my heart should be.
    but how can i have these feelings'
    for a nobody has no heart.
    but then, how,how do i love her.
    how do i need her
    how do i want her.
    in this world there are two kinds of people,those with or without hearts.
    i am one of the special few.....that are neither.i have no heart,and yet
    yet i have emotions.
    my face cold as stone, my non-existant heart ablaze.
    who am i?
    i am someone of no importance
    what am i?
    i am a Nobody
    where am i?
    only time will tell
    and where am i bound?
    to find what i seek most.
    a heart....