• Look at me
    What do you see?
    I come and I go
    With a motion that's like the ocean
    What do you see?

    Every once in a while
    I'll look back at what I had
    A time and a place
    When everything, everything was perfect

    Tell me a secret that nobody knows
    I will lock it up tight so that it doesn't go

    Look at me
    What do you see?
    The new or the old?
    This is the face you gave me
    You didn't save me!

    I cry alone in the darkest of places
    Everyone stares as I walk away from there
    That's when I knew, only I can save me
    I can save me!

    Look at me
    What do you see?
    Just a girl with no place to go
    With only a dream that's bigger
    Bigger than me...

    You won't bring me down again!

    Look at me
    Can't you see?
    I'm not the little girl I used to be
    Look at me!
    You say you're my friend
    Then you bring me down again!

    Can I tell you a secret that nobody knows?
    I locked it up tight but now it's time to let it go