• heart The size of you is no different than others, Except for the tall ones that miss all below. You are B
    Your hair is just A thousand little threads of perfect, Hanging from each party of your head you are E
    Your eyes are like a beautiful set of feirce, Intelligence and Kindness they could almost decscibe who you are, You are A
    Your face is like a beautiful ribbon hanging in a little girl's curls to show to the world just how special you are and that you deserve extra, You are U
    Your nose is perfectly shaped to fit your gorgeous pose, You are T
    Your stance is perfect not sluty not stupid, But Smart and straight, You are I
    Your feet are nor long nor small as can be but shaped like the ones you see on t.v. , You are F
    Your personality is sweet, kind, loving and sensitive, You are U
    You are L because you complete my world just like the letter Beautiful

    Mom i love you, And i always want you to think your beautiful! heart