• "The Boy in the Moonlight"

    Into the darkness,
    I will go.
    My friends and my lover,
    I'll miss them so.
    I cannot see the light
    They've shined upon me.
    Once I'm gone,
    They will see
    Everything wrong
    would have been because of me.
    As the tide comes in,
    As the sun sets,
    The moon comes out,
    And distant howls
    Can be heard.
    In trees are eyes of owls,
    Not frightened whatsoever
    Of what will happen to me,
    The boy in the moonlight.
    • • •
    Deep in this forest,
    A boy stood still.
    He stared up at the starlit sky.
    Waiting for the kill.
    The moon shone bright,
    Completely full,
    Making this boy's skin
    Pale as marble.
    He closed his eyes,
    And with all his might,
    Made sure someone
    Had lost their life that night.
    • • •
    Down came the rain,
    In a distant city,
    Not far from that forest.
    A girl cried out,
    Followed by a chorus
    Screaming, blood,
    All of this was done
    By a man in a white hood.
    His perfect white cloak
    Was now stained with red.
    He killed to live,
    But he did not live to kill.
    All he really wanted
    Was someone to hold close
    And someone to say,
    "I love you." As they went to bed.
    But this would not happen.
    For he had killed
    Twenty five women.
    One, by breaking her heart.
    • • •
    A man of twenty-two,
    Owned a white cloak.
    He stared at it each night,
    before he went to bed.
    Alone, cold. In his mind,
    All he could think,
    Was hatred, hatred, hatred.
    He hated that cloak,
    He hated himself.
    He hated the boy,
    The one who manipulated him,
    Whenever he pleased.
    He hated the boy,
    The boy in the moonlight.
    • • •
    Distant screams
    Haunted him easily.
    But hearing them loud,
    Hearing them clear,
    It somehow put him at ease.
    The boy in the moonlight,
    A boy of only thirteen,
    Had been born with a broken heart.
    With his mother dead,
    His father hating him,
    What good would it do
    If he did not kill them?
    As the moon fades
    from it's former state,
    The boy goes with it.
    The sun starts to rise,
    And the boy starts to sink
    Back down in the Hell,
    Which he had made for himself.
    During that time,
    He dies even more inside.
    And there's nothing he can do.
    But let himself rot away.
    • • •
    Years later,
    A blue moon occured.
    It was full,
    And it was bright,
    And the whole city,
    Had come out
    To see it that night.
    The man with the white cloak
    Came out as well,
    Standing with a woman,
    Who held onto his arm.
    He smiled faintly,
    Staring at this sight to behold.
    For the boy in the moonlight
    Had found someone to love.