• The Words Shall Consume You

    Bottle of ink and feather Pen,
    Scratch on paper, perfect end,
    The story life, it reels me in
    Will it stop? That all depends...

    Someone drain the words Away.
    My mind's drownin' in the play,
    And as I turn to walk away
    I'm dreamin' of another day.

    Buried under piles of Notes,
    A World from my wild mind unfolds,
    And tell me how I am to hold
    All that is no longer gold.

    Fading leaves beneath the Tree,
    Parchment is what's left of me,
    And while the words can set me free,
    Somehow they won't let me be.

    Chains that drag me down to Fall,
    I'm giving in to Winter's call,
    To letters giv'n me to haul
    Upon the Novels' covered walls.

    Yet now beneath this icy Chill,
    Flowers of hope abide there still,
    And words do blossom here to will
    That which hands and lips would fill.

    To Seventh verse, it's held me Long
    These stories of my inner song,
    And thought I feel it may be wrong,
    I see it's here that I belong.


    As my Life seizes the Pen,

    As the World has Fall'n Away,

    As my Story comes to Notes,

    The Life blooms into a Tree,

    The Leaves as season calls to Fall,

    The Snow is bitter in its Chill.

    The Story is forever Long.