• What This Is

    I'm Part of a Backdrop
    Faded and used;
    I phase here and there,
    Torn and Abused.
    I don't move my Lips,
    Timid or shy.
    I can't find my Voice,
    But I don't know why.

    Part of a Puzzle, part of a Crime
    I am the Riddle, hidden in your Mind.
    Part of a Chord, part of a Song,
    I am the Rhythm, pounding along.
    Part of a Story I once thought I knew,
    We are the weary, the scattered, the few
    ~This is The Stage~

    Here in the Spotlight,
    Brilliant and Bright,
    I reach your Ears,
    Hollow but right.
    This is my voice,
    Rare and Cold.
    Listen while I'm Here,
    Loud and Bold.

    Part of a Trial, part of the Grind,
    I am the Answer, hidden in your Mind.
    Part of a Minute, Time we belong,
    I am the Second, pounding along.
    Part of the Lyrics I once thought I knew.
    I am here Weary, battered. I'm through.
    ~This is My Song~

    And I run...
    Far beyond your Sights,

    And I bleed...
    Beautiful and Slight.

    Beautiful and Bright.