• I'm empty of words
    And low on life
    My heart is broken
    And so is the knife

    My scars have vanished
    Though I feel them there
    Raised little bumps
    Beneath brown braided hair

    And the glasses of milk
    Are now glasses of cheese
    But I can't find them
    Because neither eye sees

    That you're no longer here
    By my side in this room
    Telling me secrets
    About apocalyptic doom

    And the world is quite morbid,
    Really quite bleak
    When one seeker finds
    What another seeker seeks

    Because the light switch is covered
    With what seems to be mud
    But I may be mistaken
    For it sure tastes like blood

    And the piano keeps playing
    With no pianist at its keys
    As the milk cups keep tipping
    While the guilty child pleas

    For a better world to witness
    While he grows older each day
    And just one single reason
    That will allow him to say

    This is where I am living,
    Where I'll grow older each day
    To this better world I'll be a witness
    And that's reason enough to stay