• I am a road never taken.
    The one that is always blocked off.
    The house that had been abandoned forever.
    No one ever enters,
    Simply because the police won't let them.

    The ticker tape they would put up.
    Are the chains I constantly hang.
    They are pretty, shiny, alluring chains.
    They make people want to enter,
    And as much I would like them too,
    These chains are made of a power stronger than steel,
    Than bone.
    They are made out of pure fear.
    The fear I've built up over all these years.
    The fear I never cry out.
    No matter how tempting it may be.

    Who would I tell?
    I trust my friends and my family,
    And I know they also all trust me.
    Although I cannot reach them at all.
    The chains hold me back, trapping me always.
    On everything my true feelings I hide.
    As deep as I can down inside.
    Who I like is strictly forbidden.
    What I think of anyone is strictly forbidden.
    What I was in the past is strictly forbidden.

    What I really am is the most forbidden of all.
    I cannot bear to put it here.
    Where so many can watch and hear.
    I wish to cry,
    But tears never fall.
    I shake as I write this, about to explode.
    Although never, nothing- the chains keep their hold.
    I would rip the chains if I could.
    Because I want people to know me.
    I don't want to be afraid anymore.
    I need to unlock these chains.

    But the thing is, I can't find the key.