• What have I become
    So deep within myself?
    I see a foreign face
    In that Mirror on my shelf.
    A poverty has passed through me
    An empty, hungering need.
    And my heart is no less Hollow
    From the mouths I have to feed.
    {Angel of Darkness}

    Deep within my inmost core,
    I nurture roots of Arts,
    But soon my Hands are coarse and dry,
    I've Fallen into parts.
    {Prince of Hate}

    One says I need an Angel
    To hold me close in Fate;
    One says I need a Drug
    To soothe the burning Ache.
    One claims I need a Prince
    To softly guide my hand.
    The Others are all yelling,
    Like they think they understand.
    {Demon, my Desire}

    But in my deepest, darkest Heart,
    I think I start to learn,
    That though they greet me separately,
    I'll need them all in turn.
    {Hearken unto me}

    So come to me, my Fallen Angel.
    Come to me, Dark Prince.
    I'm an addict for the Drug
    That can bear me hence.
    But be aware, remain awake.
    My soul begins to fly
    'Cause somewhere deep inside of me,
    Your song begins to Die.
    {You're Below}

    I cannot exist in the presence of Light;
    I cannot believe beyond my Sight.
    I am the Answer and the Riddle.
    I hope that you might get it right.
    {I'm Falling}