• A field of gleaming
    Your words send the air cross my plain.
    And yet why, at a halt
    Does the lightheadedness fade?
    Why these eyes, so young
    Turn hopeless?
    In time, maybe fate
    Spin silk around us
    An awkwardness dodged, two paths
    Hath part.
    But try as we may,
    These lives so separate
    May not come together till gone.
    Why speak I love you
    When doubt seeps your words?
    To want differs greatly
    From need.
    And why when we talk
    Does it feel so real?
    Nothing fake, only us
    But such haze.
    Engraved in my mind
    Lie the words of the world;
    "You don't know who you meet
    Till you meet them."
    Steel grates form on stilts
    To shield my ears
    I know what is right
    And ignore.