• Sacrifice

    Tears have fallen, all the sobs have passed
    In this moment a dear friend has been forever lost
    Yet the thought of losing friends may be hard to grasp
    But the means don’t outweigh the cost

    Given the option to reverse time
    You’d save this creature in a blink
    This reveals your real feelings over this personal crime
    But people don’t know you as well as they’d might think

    People see an animal, lying in pain
    You see a child, screaming your name
    Trying your hardest to alleviate the stress
    Until finally with a heavy heart you must try less

    Pouring your heart out to this one innocent life
    You slowly release your hold, sending it away
    But the connection never is cut, by any blade or knife
    The love you share will always stay

    And your child is no longer with us
    His innocent eyes no longer to shine
    But your care and kindness was in no way excess
    And only you can know how hard you tried

    But we all know, your family and friends
    How truly you love them all
    Dead or alive, your heart you will spend
    To make your children safe and stand tall

    Admiration is all we feel
    For the sacrifices you make
    We know the love you have is real
    For your children, family and everyone at stake

    With a final sigh we all take leave
    Of this beautiful creature’s days
    But remember this: when you’re sad we all grieve
    And when your better we’ll be here always