• This Darkened Room

    Grasping at straws, the shards of my soul
    Looking for the one to set me free
    To cover up the darkness, this empty hole
    To remove my curse, this maniacal spree

    Helping hands turned cold and ashen grey
    Falling to dust around my eyes
    Touches gone wicked and words gone away
    As everything around me dies

    With the release of the shadows
    Comes the darkness so pure
    No trees rustle, because no wind blows
    In this world of hate azure

    Hearts so warm and tender, do they vanish
    Without so much as a wave of goodbye
    As though the fates upon me do punish
    For my discretions, my pain and lies

    In the place of such caring gaze
    Only cold, blacks stares of hate replace
    Eyes black through no veil or haze
    But only hate for me, something they cannot erase

    So as I lay dying here, covered in wounds so small
    Yet my blood flows freely in stark contrast
    They're baleful smiles sickening as they stand so tall
    And I wonder how long in this wretched place I can last

    Take me now, oh angels of doom
    For your servant is ready to be beckoned forth
    But no answer do I hear at all, within this darkened room
    The silence judging my fate and my worth