• They see it is a bad thing,
    The rain thats falling down,
    They can't see the beauty,
    That can make me feel safe and sound,
    They only see the darkness,
    That falls along with rain,
    Or all the rainy days,
    that held a little pain

    Today the sky was clear,
    When the dark was meant to come,
    It made me feel a little sad,
    That the ground was still dry,
    Maybe tomorrow it'll rain again,
    And we can dance together,
    Outside, we will dance,
    In the most beautiful weather,

    The Autumn and the Summer rain,
    The best time to let it fall,
    I love to dance in the warm air,
    As the cool drops hit my face,
    They laugh at me, and think me odd,
    But if they came to join me,
    to feel the rain fall down,
    They would see the harmony,

    It comes like a song, when clouds form,
    The song starts oh so gently,
    the ground spotted wet,
    Then the beat grows faster,
    I love to dance to it,
    So come in join me, in the rain
    You laugh, but when you feel it fall,
    Then you'll see, the real true gain.