• You walk alone,
    Sleep alone,
    Cry alone,
    Die alone.

    You are the lone wolf.
    No friends, no family.
    Will there be someone for you?

    Dear wolf,

    This world is cruel
    This world is mean
    This world is oh so many things

    Your silent prayer
    This mournful howl
    The song of sadness
    Heard with no sound

    Does anyone hear?
    Does anyone care?
    Can't they see you lying there?

    Your bitter moan
    Your fading steps
    People just look
    And leave you to rest
    Just let me rot
    No one cares
    Leave me here
    Let people stare

    I am the lone wolf
    Quiet and slow
    No place to go
    No one I know

    I howl in pain
    This mournful song
    Though cannot be heard
    I won't be long

    Too late now
    I'm gone for good
    I am the lone wolf
    Long gone and dead.