• Terrors of World War I

    No sleep for the eyes that have seen war.

    Trenches of death and destruction,
    Surrounding my every thought and prayer,
    Strangling and choking my soul,
    And no one there to care.

    The days of light are black now,
    Like the sun of life is dead,
    Why are people fighting? How?

    The young souls are dying,
    Women's eyes are crying,
    Their tears like drops of rain.

    Rotting death and burning eyes,
    From gases of deception and lies.

    Rain and pain are drowning me,
    Sleeping men in deaths cold surrender.

    Silence is broken by the moaning of the fallen.
    Many will never lay to rest,
    And others will never remember the way life was
    Before the explosion of war.

    No sleep for the eyes that have seen war,
    He sleeps, sleeps no more.