• As the summer heat
    beats down like a drum,
    She closes her eyes waiting for death to come,
    yet every morning she wakes again,
    to see pictures of moments that are now pretend.

    as she see' s the world she is living in,
    She takes a few moments to remember to breath,
    Then looks in the mirror to see what it is she believes,
    The truth or the lies
    that she has been fed,
    the ones that swim aimlessly around in her head,

    The heat scorches again,
    as she hides from the sun,
    She cries out to no one, for no one will come-
    Cause her voice is to light,
    to win the fight,
    against the beating
    that her heart is repeating,
    all day and all night,

    She stands up slowly, cause shes more likely to fall,
    then make it up right, out into the hall,
    as she grabs the ice pack,
    out from the fridge,
    she marvels at her fans, all stacked up on big bins,
    And takes one more breath, first in the then out,
    to build up the courage to finally shout,

    Cause the heat made her crazy,
    she runs out to the yard,
    and looks up at the sun- before screaming to hard,
    It was just one yelp, from that one breath of air,
    as the neighbors all look,
    she just stands there and stairs,
    up at the light that closes her eyes,
    and puts red on her skin,
    Its a heat that's to dry,

    she remembers all the good years there have been,
    when the sun never bugged her the way it is,
    cause it never got hot enough,
    to make her shout.
    or to make her go mad- as this heat did right now,
    'cause 108 is just to much,
    when normally 90 would just barely touch,
    so she curses the sun,
    and the murky air,
    that makes it so hot, that she can go no where,

    then another quick breath- as she opens her eyes,
    to see that this madness- was all just lies.