• kiss me goodnight? i ask quietly but he closes the door on my face.
    my hand touches the cold door hoping that he will change.
    I feel myself crumble and tears become inevitable, i fall to the hard floor and my hand never leaves the wood door.
    The ring on my finger stares back at me...a cold cut dimond sits in the silver rings embrace, and i wonder if its worth the agrivation.
    Every silent tear turns into loud sobs, and my left hand can't even silent my heavy breathing, or my trembling.
    I hear silent sobs in unison with my tears, i crack the door to see him with his hand on the door were mine was broken and eyes red.
    He whispers silently, im sorry, and i fall to my knees and hold him tight as the snow around us makes piles around our feet and I can't help but crying with him.