• Halloween

    by Sableice

    One lonely night on Halloween
    The darkest night we’ve ever seen
    I hear them whispering all around
    The people that were in the ground
    Hide’n’Seek the game’s begun
    A game of blood and pain and fun
    Run fast soon the game will start
    To tag you they’ll rip out your heart
    And then you’ll join them in them in the ground
    That is if you are ever found
    So run and hide and keep away
    Or soon you’ll have no place to stay
    You hear them now they’re coming fast
    You’re so afraid you just won’t last
    You see someone, you scream to run
    He’s with you now, he’s joined the fun
    You run and hide and then you fight
    He’s dead now, try to last the night
    We’ve cornered you
    You’re tired too
    Hush, don’t cry, it’s just a game
    Soon you’ll never be the same
    Because, tag! You’re it
    Your candles lit
    Soon you’ll play
    On the darkest day