• Nighttime

    As I walk beneath the ancient trees
    I hold onto the magic keys
    For when I unlock the secret door
    I meet the beings of forgotten lore
    Nymphs and dryads and dancing fauns
    All play together around the lawns
    And if you look closely you can see
    The fairies hidden in the tree
    Gentle music drifting by
    Draws your attention to the sky
    For seated on the cloudy throne
    The Elven King’s silver life force shone
    Blinking at the brilliant blaze
    You listen as the harpist plays
    Quietly you watch the fun
    Knowing that when the day is done
    You’ll forget just like you always do
    So their secret will stay safe with you
    Finally the sun creeps high
    And the end of night draws nigh
    Silently you lock the door
    Knowing you’ll come back for more
    Now you’re heading back to bed
    Where you’ll rest your tired head
    And when the daybreak wakes you
    Your memories are locked too