• I rush to the bathroom and lock the door,
    I can't stand the pain; I can't stand it anymore.

    I go to the cabinet for that lethal pill,
    Knowing that this one will help or kill.

    My parents received the letter of suicide,
    They're wondering if their son is now dead or alive.

    They pounded and pounded and said, Open the door.
    I said, No!! You do not have your STUPID son anymore.

    They said, Why, son, are you doing this?
    I said, I F*CKIN love you and blew them a kiss.

    I took the pill, then my life started to dim,
    My chance for survival was really slim.

    The door flung open with tremendous power,
    This was such a terrible hour.

    Why did I have to end my life?
    Why did I cause them strain and strife?

    Something was wrong inside my head,
    Sorry, Mom and Dad, your son is now dead.