• Things that blow up are awesome as you know,
    To hit the dirt when things explode.
    When a bomb goes KA-BOOM,
    It's a sign of inpending doom.

    Try watching something in a fiery blast,
    Good luck with that because you won't last.
    When flying debris hits you in the head,
    Goodbye you are now dead!

    When the bombs are falling,
    It's best not be stalling!
    I suggest you run,
    And I don't mean for fun!

    The sight of something exploding makes people shout
    As they all soon run about.
    In the shower of shards and splintered boards
    The people are running in hoards.

    When a bomb lands on you,
    A sad reality has come true.
    You won't have time to shout holy sh*t,
    You have now just been hit!

    Now you are just a crater,
    What little remains of you is like a mash tater.
    This is the sound of inevitible doom.