• The wind blows a mysterious tune.
    The dress sways among the winds heart.
    A girl sits amongst the land near ever flowing waters.
    A pencil in hand to capture her moment.
    She looks at her drawing then to the floating castle.
    A land created with only sorrow.
    She hears a voice on the winds lips.
    It was familiar but strangely unheard of.
    "Everyone took her for granted.
    Everyone lied, cheated and stole.
    The earth quakes and bellows but no one hears.
    Just like you my dear."
    Reminiscing of a day, she thought that one could stay.
    She shouted and screamed
    Pleaded in need.
    Yet no one answered her furiously desperate cry.
    For the earth I take my tie.
    A lightning strikes that swallows the earth.
    Reveals the land once unearthed.
    Everything seen now is darkened and grey.
    A futile attempt at unmasking hope.
    The pencil that she held,
    were truly a blade.
    Piercing her skin, in a jagged way.
    The blood rushing from the wound, created these waters.
    The hatred in heart broke free in an instant.
    Her once "lively" body sank limp in the sand.
    Her heart cried out but it was taken by an unholy hand.
    The land that I know travel to before my final gasp.
    Is not a heaven or a hell...
    ...So I slit my throat with my weary hands.
    Lay their and travel distant lands.
    To that castle floating in my stained tears of red.
    The picture she drew was one before she lost her way.
    Everything until this moment... Is only a memory.