• You pass by
    And my heart breaks
    You’re sheepish smile
    Washes pain over me
    I resent you
    I try to hate you
    But hate is just never enough
    To take all I feel away

    We had our times
    But now you’re lost
    In your new self
    Do you think you have it all?

    So why do I wait for you to fall?
    Simple and steady, the tears run
    Why must you be like this?
    I though we had more than that
    So much more,
    But now you’re gone.

    When I was down you’d
    Help me up,
    I ignored the things
    That kept us from holding
    Each other’s hand
    I guided you, you guided me but still
    We’ve broken apart now
    What ever happened to friends forever?
    I’m dying to know the answer
    To a long lasting anguish
    Do you think you have it all?

    So why do I wait for you to fall?
    Coming down the tears, they fall
    Because of you I’ve lost some feeling
    Within me I still wait for you
    To come back to me…
    Why don’t you return?

    Yeah I know we had our differences, but
    I still can’t help but wonder why
    Are you gone to those other people?
    Why must you lie?
    Putting on a smile and life’s just a game
    When you’re losing do you think only others are to blame?
    In my mind I try to not like you
    But like an addiction I can’t get rid of you
    Seems like these things are so much more
    Serious than I thought about it, before
    But do you think you have it all?

    Yet and still,
    I wait for you to fall
    On your knees
    And when I cry
    And hope for things
    You’ll never change,
    Even when I ignored
    The things, you did

    So whatever happened to being Best friends, forever?


    And if I lose myself, I still hope you’re happy,
    Happy and have it all,

    And When I turn away, I hope that
    Stupid smile is still on your face,

    You stole away the trust I had,
    But you’ll never know how much it hurts

    To see you there in such a joy
    When the hole in my soul is slowly healing

    Until, you fall…