• I found him in a shade of black.
    I had never seen before.
    There I cried across his lap,
    Because my heart was soar.
    I slipped gently into a trans,
    To help kill the pain.
    I gave the gift of simple silence.
    I crawled with him into the dirt,
    To satisfy tradition.
    He found me greatly fair in face,
    Despite my pale condition.
    He helped me into a spiritual pool,
    And I kissed him softly good night.
    I awoke upon the shore again.
    I kneeled kissing him on his lips.
    He dug his blade into my chest,
    And then pulled out my heart,
    Doing the same to himself.
    Looking on with no mistake,
    I knew he meant for us to switch hearts,
    Pain was no issue we didn't feel a stitch.
    There we were under the starlight,
    While our flesh wounds healed,
    But that was all trivial,
    To what comes next