• If I had only known that,
    This was your last day,
    I would have held you tight,
    And not have let you go away.

    If I had known it was the last time,
    To see your smiling face,
    I would have looked at it for hours,
    And have kept it in one special place.

    You’re still here though,
    In my heart you will forever stay,
    And I promise that,
    I won’t let you slip away.

    This has to be a dream,
    None of it is real.
    I’m not even sure,
    I don’t know how I feel.

    I know that I miss you,
    And I wish you were here.
    But now I’m trapped,
    To full of fear.

    I wish I could tell you,
    How much I care.
    Why did you have to leave me?
    It just isn’t fair.

    I know that you’re up there,
    Watching and looking down on me.
    But I’m just so scared,
    I can’t even see.

    You always had me,
    And my best interests in mind,
    But now I’m stuck,
    There is nothing I can find.

    I’m still here searching,
    Searching for that light,
    I know you’ve found it,
    And have taken flight.

    One day I’ll see you,
    And be with you again,
    But now,
    The question is when?

    There is just one thing,
    That I wish,
    That I could hold you one more time,
    You’re the one I miss.

    I wish I was able to say,
    All of my “I love you”s
    But now I’m sitting here,
    Saying all my “Where are you?”s

    Why did you have to leave?
    And let me go?
    Now all I can say is,
    “No, no, no”