• If you're all I dare to think about,
    You Drive me off the wall

    You've never made me have to doubt,
    But made me doubt it all

    If you have me at hello,
    Or I wrote a poem for you

    I hate the color yellow,
    and you're all I'd rather do

    If you still make me get those butterflies,
    If you change the way I think

    If you've made me never want to die,
    And saved me from the brink

    I can't stand the tomorrow,
    Without you by my side

    You've braved through my sorrow,
    On this roller coaster ride

    If my words lull you to sleep,
    If you're the only thing I dream

    Our promises will always keep,
    You sewed up my broken seams

    If your eyes drive into mine,
    To show that you are there

    Your music is divine,
    It shows how much you care

    If the distance is great,
    Or not a few feet

    You're always my fate,
    And our feelings meet

    You're all I need
    The deal is done
    For you agreed,
    That you, my love, are the one.