• as i walk into the cemetary,
    i see nothing but dust,
    and, joy,
    rows and rows of headstones.
    all the deaths inscripted are unique,
    there is evn one that says,
    "lacey shirley, died by woodchiper."
    but no,
    i am no stranger to this cemetary
    no, i am no passerby.
    i am looking for a specific headstone.
    the headstone i am looking for reads,
    "my heart's corpse, died by being beaten to death by my ex-boyfriend."
    tsk, tsk....
    died so young...
    it was so beautiful..
    at least,
    thats what people said,
    but i guess,
    all good things have to end some day sooner or later.
    i guess mine was just sooner than later.
    i am no longer existing,
    no one can see the real me,
    for its too late,
    because i died along with my heart.
    so, as my corpse leaves you all,
    the people who knew me,
    the real me,
    i ask of you,
    never forget me.
    the me before i was dead,